Our History

The company was founded by Hans Deuter in Augsburg-Oberhausen. At the turn of the century, the company supplied the Bavarian Royal Mail with mailbags and post sacks.

Expansion - The "mechanised sailcloth and linen weaving, sackcloth, freight, car and horse blanket manufacturing firm" was expanded to include a tent rental department.

First major client - Satchels, backpacks, knapsacks, belts, mess tents and store tents were in increasing demand, especially for the military.

A horse of the army with Deuter saddle bags.

Hans Deuter starts manufacturing suitcases, backpacks, tents and truck canopies. The bag production division becomes a joint-stock company. The tent rental section reaches its space limit of 10.000 sq metres. "Deuter-Zelthallen" exhibit for the first time at Oktoberfest.

The company is now named Hans Deuter. Luggage and leather goods are added to the product range of backpacks, tents and tarpaulins.

Explorer Willi Rickmer leads an expedition to the remotest corners of Pamir - Deuter provides backpacks, bags, canvas and tents. From early on, Deuter's product development is strongly influenced by the experience and the feedback of alpinists and mountaineers. Up to the 1970s the company equips more or less all major German expeditions.

Deuter TAUERN - The first real test for Deuter TAUERN backpacks on the Nanga Parbat Expedition. Even then, Deuter's TAUERN set high standards and became a household name for the next 30 years. The following years see Deuter equip several expeditions.

The first ascent of the North Face of the Eiger from July 22 - 24 with a Deuter backpack. Ludwig Vörg, Firtz Kasparek and Heinrich Harrer were his team mates.

All equipment and tent production was taken over for the armed forces.

By developing new products, the aim was to use the existing capacity to its best and to expand.

Hermann Buhl's first ascent of the Nange Parbat (8.125 m) - Deuter equips the expedition with backpacks, bags and tents. Some of the Tauern backpacks were manufactured from perlon, an alternative to nylon. In the following years, Deuter equips numerous expeditions. The feedback strongly influences the development of new, innovative products.

Hermann Buhl bei seiner Erstbesteigung des Nanga Parbat mit Deuter Zelten.

The family business is changed to a joint-stock company. The company is now called "Deuter Industriewerke AG-Augsburg".

The Hallenbau branch became an independent branch: "Deuter Hallenbau GmbH, Augsburg". One of the many Deuter-equipped expeditions reaches the summit of Nanga Parbat by way of the extremely difficult Diamir Flank.

A step into the future - Deuter produce the first range of Nylon backpacks. It soon becomes the new fabric norm.

Deuter is recognised as the leading manufacturer of backpacks, suitcases and bags in Germany.

Production and warehousing space for the suitcase factory doubles to 40,600 sq m. For the fourth time, Deuter supplies the German Olympic team with sports and travel bags.

The very first 'aircomfort' is born and patented. The mesh carry system is completely revolutionary and redefines the rucksack market.

A new era begins - Mountaineers, mountain guides and bikers join the development team and have a direct influence on the collection.

World famous mountaineer, enroles as a partner and technical advisor at Deuter. He tests on his expeditions new developments in the most extreme conditions up until 1991.

01.01.1989 Separation of the two product sectors, travel and backpacks, from the main company "Deuter AG" into "Deuter Sport & Leder GmbH".

Mountain biking becomes more and more popular at the beginning of the nineties. Together with Andi Heckmair, Deuter develop a totally new kind of backpack - the bike backpack. The first model, BIKE I with the new AIRSTRIPES-back, is launched.

To ensure the quality, functionality and longevity of its sewn products at a competitive price level, Deuter has to move its production from Germany. In 1994 Deuter joins forces with Korean production partner Duke. What starts out with 35 sewing machines in Vietnam turns into a highly specialised backpack production line that spans three locations in Vietnam with a total of 3.500 employees. Duke exclusively manufacturers all Deuter backpacks and accessories.

Deuter introduces a new essential outdoor-line: the sleeping bag.

A close partnership begins with the German Association of ski- and mountain guides. Kitted out with Deuter backpacks and sleeping bags, their advice on improvements is invaluable.

An all-time classic is born - Later to become incredibly popular, the AIRCOMFORT-FUTURA range emerges.

Once again, Deuter is confirmed as the market leader in Germany. Concentration on the important issues, a long history of tradition and the collective experience of an expert team are the key success factors.

Deuter sets up "Deuter USA" subsidiary.

The multifunctional AC-LITE series with the AIRCOMFORT carry system wins everyone over with its light weight. More specifically it sets a new trend with its innovative design.

Sleeping bags become more and more important. The range includes kid's models and 4-season down sleeping bags.

Deuter developed a new backpack concept with their SHIELD System. The integrated and TÜV/GS-approved back protector offers bikers and winter sports fans more safety. The ATTACK bike model wins the Eurobike Gold Award for innovation.

The Schwan Stabilo Group purchases Deuter. After 20 years with the brand, Bernd Kullmann becomes CEO.

SL WOMEN'S FIT - The design of the SL models is perfectly trimmed and optimised for the women's anatomy by a team of passionate (female) athletes. One of the team was mountain sports pro Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, who brought her knowledge of climbing 8000 m peaks to the table.

Deuter is a founding member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association. EOCA is a non-profit organization of the European outdoor industry, which supports nature conservation projects around the world.

Deuter becomes a bluesign® system partner, the world's strictest standard for environmental protection, occupational safety and consumer protection. Together we are working on improving our manufacturing processes.

Tall people can enjoy a perfect fit with the Extra Long EL-models: Favourite Deuter backpack models are available to suit taller people with extended back lengths by 6-9 cm.

SPECTRO - Deuter presents a new lightweight range equipped with a new Aircomfort back system: the AIRCOMFORT FLEXLITE SYSTEM.

The sleeping bags Exosphere and Neosphere are introduced to the market. The stretchable sleeping bags make a huge impact with their innovative construction and high comfort.

Deuter becomes a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). As a member of the independent initiative, which is committed to high working and social standards, we are systematically reviewing the working conditions at our production partners in Asia and our company headquarters in Gersthofen.

Deuter develops the school backpack Ypsilon, which is specifically designed for the anatomy and requirements of children.

Since its move to Gersthofen in 1997 Deuter has grown by 800 %. Committed to continuously guarantee the highest quality and to handly the growing workload efficiently, Deuter builds new headquarters. The new building utilizes state-of-the-art engineering and resource efficient technologies such as geothermal energy to lower the environmental impact.

Martin Riebel becomes Managing Director of Deuter Sport GmbH.

Deuter offers its first BLUESIGN® products: the KIKKI (bluesign® approved fabric) children‘s backpack and the DREAMLAND children‘s sleeping bag (bluesign® product).

In April, Deuter receives the "Best Practice Award" from the Fair Wear Foundation for the "brave investments in the production plants and the company center" to reduce overtime. Deuter again achieves top scores with 90 of 98 possible points, and thus the "leader status" in the annual control of the independent organizations.

The "Textilbündnis" is a initiative started by the German Federal Government. Its goal are social, ecological and economic improvements along the textile supply chain.

The Gravity Series embraces many years of experience and the highest professional competence: developed by competition climbers, passionate boulders, mountain guides, expedition leaders and other top athletes, the Deuter climbing collection fulfils the special requirements of both use in the hall and in the alpine environment.

The Attack – prime father of the protector backpack – gets a modern facelift and a lot of new features. Equipped with SAS-Tec's lightest and most advanced protector, protector holders, a new helmet holder, goggle & smartphone pocket as well as a brand-new departure-oriented carrier system, the attack is ready for the future.

With the Attack, Deuter introduces the Smartphone Pocket which allows quick access to the phone without removing the backpack.

Down does not slip when kicking thanks to the innovative PowerBox construction with a waffle structure, which results from the combination of longitudinal chambers and transverse stretch seams on the sleeping bag’s upper side from the knee down.

The new VariFit-Slide adaptation guarantees perfect fit of the support system for different back lengths.


Our Vision

We develop and market highly functional, top quality outdoor products worldwide. Our brand enjoys an excellent reputation with customers.

Our Values

We enjoy our work. This is what motivates and drives us. With our authentic passion we can inspire our customers and convince them of Deuter products.

Outdoor sports is at the heart of Deuter. Our products are engineered to perform in the outdoors. Every one at Deuter takes personal responsibility to protecting the environment and to preserving nature for generations to come.

Deuter strives for long-term success. We do not believe in short term profit maximization. The fusion of economy, ecology and social commitment is the foundation for a safe future at Deuter.

Safety is important. This includes a safe job as well as safe wages. We can guarantee this thanks to the company‘s high reputation as well as our sustainable corporate approach, which is the core of the company.

The team defines the brand. We believe that it needs the team to fulfil tasks and to solve problems. Our actions are based on fairness, loyalty and tolerance. We respect and value our colleagues, customers and business partners. For us, it is a given to offer our support and also to accept support from others.

Leadership is something positive. It encourages motivation on all levels. We strive towards goals that we have developed together, that are clearly defined and transparent.

We believe in a good work climate. It guarantees a high identification with the company, the brand and our daily tasks. Our down-to-earth approach to work is defined by an open, trustful way of dealing with each other. Mutual respect is essential, in particular when it comes to integrating new colleagues.

Individuality is our creative core. Every single employee has the opportunity to realize and develop him-/herself. This requires the dedication to work independently – a dedication that has to be lived by each employee. We are committed to educate and train young people, to foster their personality as well as their professional expertise.

Reliability plays a key role for Deuter. We fulfil our promises and we are prepared to be measured by them. We take full responsibility for mistakes and are eager to always solve them to our customers’ complete satisfaction. We are reachable for our customers, business partners as well as colleagues and we believe in maintaining long business relations.

Specialization allows us to stay true to our key competence. This is what enables us to always be innovative and to stay ahead of the rest of the market. This is a crucial factor, because Deuter’s success is based on the brand‘s strong reputation. The competence applies to all levels: our products as well as all of our services.

Market orientation is the key to making our customers happy. Deuter products are not overloaded with superfluous extras – every single feature brings a true customer benefit. Similarly, all our services are customer oriented. We are continuously working on improving both by staying in close dialogue with our business partners and customers.

Our target: the highest expertise. We want to perfectly understand and master every single thing we do. A high demand that involves all levels: from customer service to staff training. We embrace complex challenges. We are focused and ambitious and we are always looking for the best solution.

Deuter is fully authentic brand. We are passionate about our work and the outcome. Every team member is active and loves the outdoors. We are a down-to-earth company and we stay grounded – even during great business periods. This mentality is reflected in our integrity and our friendly, loyal way of dealing with each other and our customers.